Timucuan Ecological And Historic Preserve

Comprised of more than 46,000 acres and showcasing 6,000 years of human history the Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve in Jacksonville FL in an amazing activity for the whole family.

Reward your kids after a visit to our pediatric dentists with a trip to this amazing National Park.

The preserve is quite charming with its coastal dunes, salt marshes and wetlands, and it is maintained by the National Park Service. Both the Kingsley Plantation and Fort Caroline National Memorial are landmarks within the historic preserve.

Kingsley Plantation

Kingsley Plantation was established by Zephaniah Kingsley. “The Lion’s Story Teller” immerses visitors in an audio tour of the plantation, rich in history and certainly not without its struggles. The Planter’s Home features open houses on weekends.

The award-winning audio tour plays on your mobile device as you walk the grounds. Tour stops include the bookstore, waterfront, Owner’s House, brick well, kitchen house, Anna’s Parlor, Stable, Garden, Slave’s Quarters, Driver’s Cabin, and a Walk of Reflection.

Fort Caroline National Memorial

Fort Caroline National Memorial is also home to the visitors center for the Timucuan Ecological and Historic Preserve, making it a great starting point for this top-ranked attraction. Commemorating a lost colony, the national memorial tells a story of short-lived French occupation in Florida during the 16th century.

Learn all about the Timucua Indians and the French explorers and settlers of La Caroline. The settlement was met with great conflict as Spanish settlers simultaneously wished to occupy this part of the sunshine state. In fact, La Caroline barely made it through its first year as a settlement.

The final showdown between the Spanish and the French over La Caroline marked the last time France ever tried to challenge Spain over occupying new territory in what is now the United States.

Timucuan Ecological And Historic Preserve

Beginning at the visitor’s center, enjoy “Where The Waters Meet,” an exhibit that showcases the history of human interaction with this environment in northeast Florida. Visitors love hiking the nature trails and dolphin watching as they look out over St John’s River.

Be sure to check out Ribault Monument, Theodore Roosevelt Area, and Spanish Pond. Ribault Monument sits atop St John’s Bluff and gives you the opportunity to take in picturesque views of the river and other surroundings. In fact, on a good day, you can even catch a glimpse of the ocean and the naval station, both of which are five miles away.

Spanish Pond provides you and your family with the ability to connect with the tidal marsh, oak hammock and more as you make your way down the boardwalk. The adventure continues if you feel like branching off into other nature trails. Spanish Pond is open from sunrise to sunset.

The Timucuan Ecological and History Preserve is located at 12713 Fort Caroline Road. Be sure to begin your journey at the visitors center, working your way through exhibits and then embarking upon the wonderful nature trails. It might take a return visit for you to see everything this historic preserve has to offer. Don’t forget to check out Kingsley Plantation and Fort Caroline National Memorial, as they are two of the main points of interest within the preserve.


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