Top 5 Jacksonville FL Landmarks That Make For Great Vacation Stops

Jacksonville FL is quite a large city, and it is home to almost a million people. Millions of tourists also flock to The River City every year, and vacationing there can be quite impressive. While you’re hitting up the beaches and checking out all the well-known entertainment venues and attractions, you’ll want to see the landmarks and historical places of interest as well.

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Here are the top five landmarks in Jacksonville FL.

The Ribault Monument is certainly high on the must-see list. Located at 12713 Fort Caroline Road, the monument is situated at the highest point in Jacksonville, and you will get great views of the river there. It is recommended to bring your lunch to the monument as there is a small park to eat at which also provides a nice place for a rest. The Caroline Monument is also close by, so you can see two landmarks in one trip.

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Jacobs Clock is said to be a stunning sight to see, and it is located right in downtown Jacksonville. Not only are you going to see the clock, but artistic murals and great architecture in the area. With plenty of restaurants right around you, it will also be a great area to stop by and grab a bite to eat.

The story behind Jacobs Clock is fascinating. It was built in 1901 and was completely destroyed during an accident in 1974. To repair the clock it was literally glued back together. It is quite the masterpiece!

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A trip to Jacksonville also has to include a visit to Friendship Fountain. You’re going to find the fountain at 1015 Museum Circle, which gives you an idea that there are certainly other popular places of interest to visit in the area.

Friendship Fountain is great to visit at night because it is all lit up and full of color. You will enjoy a walk around this area of downtown Jacksonville, and it’s also where you will find the Riverwalk.

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Veterans Memorial Wall is at 1145 East Adams Street, and it’s certainly a historical landmark that you will want to visit. If you visit during football season, TIAA Bank Field is right next to this landmark as well if you want to catch a Jaguars game. The Veterans Memorial Wall is said to be a beautiful place to visit as well as a place to stop and pay your respects to the men and women who have fought to protect our freedom.

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There are two bridges that are going to be included to round out the list of the top landmarks in Jacksonville FL. One is The Buckman Bridge, and the other is the Fuller Warren Bridge. There are other historical landmarks to visit in The Bold City of the New South, too. These are your top 5, and they will show you a good time in Jacksonville FL. JAX is ‘where Florida begins,’ and these top attractions can be where your vacation begins as you make it to the largest city in the sunshine state.

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