New Video Review Of Implants Procedure

Duval, Florida – November 2, 2017: Farnham Dentistry located at 11528 San Jose Blvd, FL 32223 announced another review of their innovative, painless dental implant procedure. Sheila Huddleston who works at a local surgeon’s office recorded a YouTube review of her experience at Farnham Dentistry –

In her video review, Ms. Huddleston describes her dental implant procedure performed at Farnham Dentistry as a quick and painless procedure. In fact, she states, “It was the easiest, most painless dental procedure I have ever had”.

In the video she relates that the Dental Implant was scheduled for 4:00 pm in the afternoon, began promptly, and was over quickly. Anticipating pain, she was surprised that by 7:00 pm the same evening, the numbing agents had worn off, yet she was relatively pain-free.

Sheila says her only regret is that she didn’t have the dental implants done sooner. Thinking that dental implants were going to be a painful, expensive procedure Sheila Huddleston, like many people who would benefit from this dental treatment, had been putting it off due to fear and apprehension of pain and being out of work.

She explains how her experience was completely opposite of what she thought it was going to be. She didn’t experience the discomfort she feared and was back at work at 6:00 am the next morning following her procedure.

She expresses in her testimonial video that Farnham Dentistry completed her dental implants with precision, comfort, and care and highly recommends their office for others looking for dental services in North East, FL.

About Farnham Dentistry:

Farnham Dentistry is a second-generation dental practice conveniently located at 11528 San Jose Blvd. The Dental Team of Dr. Ian MacKenzie Farnham and Dr. Jacquelene Farnham are highly accomplished dentists offering a complete selection of dental services for every age.

Dr. Jacquelene Farnham completed her post-graduate work in a General Practice Residency at the University of Florida’s Shands Hospital where she gained expertise in pediatric dentistry, trauma dentistry and hands-on experience with complex dental reconstructions. She enjoys her work with all ages of patients and offers age-appropriate dental care for everyone. Making children feel comfortable and secure in her dental chair, she encourages and counsels on the importance of preventive dental care to limit reconstructive dental procedures in the future. Continually furthering her education, Dr. Jacquelene Farnham, stays up to date on all the latest advancements in all aspects of dental care.

Dr. Ian MacKenzie is referred to by his patients as Dr. Mack. His Mom and Dad founded Farnham Dentistry in 1983. He knows the importance of early childhood dental care. After graduating with a Doctorate in Dental Surgery from the University of Maryland where he received the Dean’s Award for Outstanding Community Service he donated time in South America at a children’s dental clinic teaching oral hygiene. Still an avid supporter of community involvement, he donates time to various dental clinics in an outreach to promote dental health and provide restorative services.

Dr. Ian MacKenzie Farnham and Dr. Jacquelene Farnham combine their expertise and talents to offer a complete line of Family Dental Services. Patients at Farnham Dentistry receive all their dental services at one location, limiting the need for referrals and off-site visits.

Dr. Ian MacKenzie Farnham, and Dr. Jacquelene Farnham offer a comprehensive package of dental procedures, providing the entire family the dental care they need, from filling cavities to complete dental restorations, from teeth whitening to corrective braces, and are recognized members of The American Dental Association, The Florida Dental Association and The Jacksonville Dental Society.

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