About The Jacksonville Dental Society

The Jacksonville Dental Society (abbreviated as JDS) is affiliated with NEDDA (Northeast District Dental Association), and the organization got its start in the year of 1911. When it began, it was known as Jacksonville Society of Dental Surgeons. A few decades later, in 1969, the organization became incorporated, giving it the name of Jacksonville Dental Society, Incorporated.

Jacksonville Dental Society’s primary goal is in providing the opportunity for continuing education (C.E.) to its dental members, as well as their auxiliaries. How is this accomplished? Through what is known as “Dinner Meetings,” which occur each year. On the website of the Jacksonville Dental Society, the Calendar of Events lists the speakers and programs that are scheduled to occur this year.

Another goal of JDS is to represent the overall dental field within Greater Jacksonville. In current times, this organization contains approximately 215 members who are active and 17 members who are known as Retired Life. They also manage the annual initiative, “Give Kids a Smile”, that is held within the Jacksonville area, which is held at the beginning of the year, generally during February.

JDS emplores and embraces all dentists who practice in Greater Jacksonville to join their organization and take up the mission of supporting dental education, essential service in the community, and the beauty of comradery in this area.

Farnham Dentistry is proud to be a member of the Jacksonville Dental Society.

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