About The Main Bridges In Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville is a city of bridges.  Once you’ve driven through the city there’s no denying that. Since Jacksonville is split down the middle by the St. John’s River, there are a number of bridges connecting the city together.  Here is a list of some of the more well known Jacksonville bridges.

1. The Acosta Bridge
The full name of this bridge is the St. Elmo W. Acosta Bridge, and it was named after a councilman who played a role in funding the original bridge, which was called St. John’s River Bridge. After the councilman died, the city decided to rename the bridge in his honor, and in 1994 the bridge officially opened. Today, the Acosta Bridge is one of the most popular bridges in the city and one of the most frequently traveled.

The bridge has six lanes for vehicles, as well as two walkways for pedestrians. Also on the bridge are two tracks for the Skyway train. If you want to take in amazing views of downtown Jacksonville, then you should take the Skyway train across the bridge or walk across it.

2. The Dames Point Bridge
This is a cable-stayed bridge that is located on the St. Johns River. Construction on the bridge started back in 1985 and it was finished in 1989, and it spans over 1,250 feet and is 175 feet high. As for who designed the bridge, it was the HNTB Corporation, as well as RS&H. The bridge itself was built by the Massman Construction Company.

The bridge was named after a river pilot who also became the governor of Florida. Another interesting fact is that this is one of the biggest cable-stayed bridges in the country, and it is over two miles long. This is another bridge you will definitely want to check out in person.

3. The Mathews Bridge
John E. Mathews is who this bridge is named after, and he was a Chief Justice in the state’s supreme court. The bridge opened to the public back in 1953 and in 1984 the bridge was given a paint job. This was after the Jacksonville Bulls decided to make the city their home and their colors was Maroon, which is why the bridge was painted that color.

4. Fuller Warren Bridge
This is a massive bridge that has eight traffic lanes and the entire bridge officially opened in 2002. The bridge was named after a former governor of Florida, and every Saturday the Riverside Arts Market takes place nearby and the bridge provides shade for it. Do bear in mind that sometimes the downtown exit can be backed up, and when that happens and you’re traveling to Northbank, then hop onto the Fuller Warren Bridge and take the Park Street exit. You will find this route to be much quicker and easier.

Now you know more about the bridges in Jacksonville. If you ever find yourself in the city, the chances are you will drive over or walk along one of the above bridges.

So the next time your in Jacksonville for your visit at Farnham Dentistry, make sure you check them out!

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