Information About Different Sports Teams In Jacksonville, FL

If you are living in Jacksonville Florida, there are plenty of different sporting teams and events you can check out. Below, we will be going over some of the different teams and ways to watch.

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Sports Teams In and/or Around Jacksonville FL:

  1. Jacksonville Jaguars

This is perhaps the biggest sports team that is located directly in Jacksonville. Jacksonville happens to be the smallest city to host an NFL team currently. The Jaguars have been in the league since 1995 and they feature a Jaguar as a mascot and logo. This team is currently owned by Shahid Khan and plays in TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville, Florida. Its team colors are black, teal, and gold and they have never won a league championship.

If you are looking to watch the Jaguars play, you will either need to head to the stadium itself to watch in person, subscribe to NFL Game Pass to watch on the go or replays, or subscribe to cable television or some service that offers local NFL games. If you are located Internationally, you can subscribe to International Game Pass and watch the Jaguars play from out of the country.

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  1. Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp

The Jumbo Shrimp are an affiliate of Jacksonville’s neighbor located in Miami – the Miami Marlins. They are an AA affiliate of the Marlins and they have won 6 different championships. If you head to a game, you can check out some of the different stars that are bound for the major leagues. They have a lot of different events that you can check out throughout each season and they also have a lot of promotions that you can take advantage of if you are looking to go to a game.

If you want to watch the Jumbo Shrimp in action, you can simply head to a game for a very affordable price. Also, you can check them out by subscribing to Minor League TV and watching live streams of the games. This is an affordable option to get a season’s worth of content.

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  1. Jacksonville Armada FC.

This is another good option if you are a sports fan in the area. You will be able to see a lot of good soccer being played with the Armada FC. They are a professional soccer club that has been around since 2015. They are owned by Robert Palmer and they feature blue and gold as their primary colors.

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Overall, there are a lot of different sporting options that you can choose from if you are located in the Jacksonville area. Whether you are a fan of football, soccer, or baseball, you have a lot of different sporting events that you can check out in a lot of different ways. The Jaguars are the biggest franchise that is located in the area and they take up a majority of the sporting figures seen in the area as a result. You will find Jacksonville packed with black, gold, and teal throughout the professional football season.

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