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Farnham Dentistry - Serving Jacksonville and St. Johns, Florida

Welcome to Farnham Dentistry, home to Jacksonville, FL dentists Drs. Sutton, Jacquelene, and MacKenzie Farnham. Our dental team is here to treat your family with the patient-focused oral health treatments you want and need. We do everything possible to prevent dental disease and keep you healthy and happy. 

Drs. Sutton, Jacquelene, and MacKenzie Farnham

Comprehensive Dental Care in Jacksonville

Our treatment philosophy focuses on conservative care. We suggest what’s best for your oral health and wellness and avoid unnecessary over-treatments. Our patients value our commitment to on-time appointments and gentle, pain-free procedures. Our training and expertise allows our dentists to perform advanced procedures in one location, limiting or preventing the need for outside referrals.

Among available dental procedures, Farnham Dentistry offers:

Your initial oral examination will include a cancer screening and digital radiographs, which promote comfort and produce 80% less radiation than typical X-rays. Drs. Farnham create a comprehensive treatment plan to review with you. Recommended restorative, periodontal, or cosmetic treatments will be explained in detail so that all of your questions can be answered.  We only begin treatment when you feel comfortable and confident. 

Gentle Family Dentistry

Our dentists see patients a young as two years old and are highly conscious about providing convenient care with early and late hours to accommodate our patients’ busy schedules. At Farnham Dentistry, we enjoy helping others and building positive doctor-patient relationships to promote best oral health.

If your family includes young children, we welcome you into our office for whole-family dental care. Children can meet our team, sit in the dental chair, and see and hear what certain dental tools do. Our office is friendly and open to promote positive interactions between young patients and our team. 

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To learn more about our treatments or how we can help you and your family achieve healthy and beautiful smiles, call us at our dental office in the Mandarin neighborhood and schedule your next dental appointment in Jacksonville today!

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